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Easier Licensing of Music

Brands have always struggled with issues to source music for their online/offline campaigns, advertisements etc. We aim to make that process as effortless for you as possible by doing all the sweat-work for you.

We take your requirements down, research and present you with options, negotiate with the artists, carry out the paperwork and get you the music. Easy!

Working with Musicians

With Independent Music becoming more and more popular with each passing day, the artists in this field are building a core fanbase that is loyal and devoted. You would see familiar faces at each of the performances of these artists who come there to show their support but also because they've seen this person grow from day one. 

  • Licensing Partnerships - Enhance your campaigns with music from homegrown artists in various genres.

  • Exclusive Content - Tailor-made content such as music, jingles etc. suited to your requirements and timelines.


  • Live Event Activation & Engagement - Bring in-demand talent to a brand event to perform.

  • Brand Ambassador Programs - Create 360-degree campaigns to endorse and support your brand.

  • Social Media Campaigns - Leverage the dominance of music talent on social media.

  • Tour Partnerships - Connect with fans through experiential activation and rights surrounding concert tours.

  • Corporate Performances - Bring today’s best talent to perform at your company event.

Digital Agency for Brands

We offer services to brands to create bespoke marketing campaigns for any other needs that arise. Whether it be a logo, a single creative or an entire marketing strategy for a product launch, we are available for you to handle any business on the digital and offline front.


We have a lot of experience in merchandise which allows us to build unique outreach products for your brand, to send out as giveaways or for influencer marketing.

Have you checked out the Music Art that we make? We have used it in the past as a tool for a company to reach out to its most loyal customers. Drop us an message and we can discuss how we can fit this into your marketing campaign as well.

Any other query/doubt that comes to your mind regarding marketing campaigns or related to music, just drop us a message or a call and we'll be happy to address it.

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