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Weekly Playlist (v = 1 . λ) [Genre: Variety]

Ever since audio streaming services were launched, it has become a daily ritual for many to find and play a curated playlist while they are either working, driving, running or hitting the gym. But sometimes it seems you can’t find that right playlist even though you are given a ton of options to choose from. Well, we’re adding another one of those playlists to the choices you have and would try to release it every week. Personally, I prefer to listen to a wide variety of songs rather than a single genre so we would not be focusing on any one of those rather setting the playlist to flow in a certain kind of tone covering all type of songs, national and foreign.

We would be posting the link of the playlist which will be created on Apple Music but also put the YouTube links here for anyone who does not have a streaming service subscription or any service other than Apple Music. You can listen to all the songs here itself and choose whether they actually should be added to your library of songs or not.

The playlist goes from a slow tempo to reaching it’s crescendo in the middle and then going back to the more subtle songs to finish.

Playlist Link for Apple Music — Click/Tap Here

Playlist Link for Spotify — Click/Tap Here

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