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Music Release Campaigns

We brainstorm, build and implement a customised marketing campaign for your Single/Album targeting all possible social media platforms. You are involved in the entire procedure from Day Zero to Release Day. We also send your music across to a list of music publications and tastemakers across India to maximise engagement.

Digital Agency for Artists

VFLAMBDA is your personal digital agency that is available to you around the clock for any of your content needs. We carry out a range of services that is vital for musicians in today's industry scenario such as:

  • Press Kits (Electronic/Physical)

  • Album Art

  • Social Media Creatives

  • Event Flyers

  • Logos

  • Artist/Band Website

Working with Brands

For more information on what kind of services we are providing brands, head over the Services for Brands page and if anything appeals your eye, be sure to reach out to us and we can discuss further.

We want to make brands more accessible for musicians whether it be in terms of licensing music, tour sponsorships, brand activations, corporate performances or even as simple as a social media campaign.


We have experience in dealing with merchandise for top acts such as the ones listed on our Merchandise page and we understand how important it is for musicians to have several sources of revenue.

We strive to come up with the best products for you that you can sell on your website or crowdfund campaigns. We'll even host your merchandise on our website if you want!

Have you checked out the Music Art that we make?


We want to help you better understand the career path that you have chosen and how to make the most out of it. Let us know if you need assistance with:

  • How to get more gigs/events

  • Understanding your Data better

  • Using technology more efficiently to reach your audience

  • How to release your track to various streaming platforms?

  • Want us to listen to your Single/Album or perhaps give you a shoutout?

Any other query/doubt that comes to your mind, just drop us a message or a call and we'll be happy to address it.

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